Dual Credit Opportunities 

The Information Technology Program is pleased to partner with Vincennes University to offer college credit why simultaneously receiving  high school credit.  

In most instances Dual Credit is free of charge.  You should contact the Guidance Counsel our or the Instructor for further information concerning this.​  The following Dual Credit opportunities are offered in Welding Technology.  We offer new courses often so check back for an update.

WELD 100
Welding Fundamentals


This course provides a basic study and application of commonly utilized welding processes as well as additional topics such as: welding blue print reading, OSHA 10 hour and welding safety, weld joint design, welding terminology, and welding quality control. Students will prepare for their welding education,

as well as their welding career through exposure to the welding lab environment and classroom. Students will also train with the latest in Virtual

Welding Simulation. In addition, this course will prepare students to take nationally recognized certification exam(s).

WELD 108
Shielded Metal Arc Welding I


Provides students with the knowledge of shielded metal arc welding operations and equipment.

Provides extensive practice time to produce the skills to make satisfactory welds with this process. Emphasizes safety hazards and safety

practices in arc welding.

WELD 109
Oxy Fuel Gas


Offers basic instruction in oxy

fuel welding with emphasis on

welding techniques in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. Includes brazing,

soldering and flame cutting. Focuses on safety hazards and safe practices in oxy fuel welding

and cutting.

INDT 114
Introductory Welding


Provides basic skills and fundamental knowledge in oxy-fuel welding, cutting and brazing, Shield Metal Arc welding, Gas

Metal Arc welding and Gas Tungsten Arc welding. This course is designed for beginning welders, auto service and body technicians, and

individuals in the HVAC industry. Emphasizes safe practices in oxy-fuel and Arc welding processes.

WELD 207
Gas Metal Arc Welding


Considers various gas metal welding (GMAW) processes including microwire, flux-core, inner shield, and submerged arc with emphasis on metal inert gas welding. Techniques of welding in all positions on various thicknesses metal.

WELD 208
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Provides students with thorough knowledge of the gas tungsten arc welding process. Includes detailed

study of the techniques of making welds in all positions using the GTAW applications. Lectures and discussions provide additional background

information essential to a qualified GTAW welder.

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